Chronicles of a seeker diving into the unknown

Bhagwat Gita says

"Know the self by serving a master with an attitude of surrender, by questioning him (About the true knowledge) with a desire to know. These wise men, those who see the truth of self, will teach you this knowledge" (IV:34)

A seeker is full of questions and a master is full of answers. My impromptu dialogs with the spiritual Master Nirguna Swami Akshara resulted in these chronicles which i present here for your personal contemplations and awakening..

-Puneet Banga

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Unhappiness?

me: Swamiji over a period of time, life for most of us becomes very busy with professional and personal aspects. And even in that personal time, we have to balance the remainin little time with relatives. I think all of that makes us identify with millions of people who go through these daily chores.
Master Akshara: Not enough. One should be able to be part of the 6.5 billion people on earth..I mean identification with entire humanity than just few millions.

me: hmmm...I think sometimes we think in broader terms(means identification with others, even strangers) but most of the times it is selfish... Is that the source of general unhappiness among people.
Master Akshara: It's always going to leave one unhappy. To be selfish can tickle one's sense of happiness for awhile but never sustain it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Is Awareness a Technique?

me: Namaste Swami ji
Master Akshara: Namaste Puneet! Anything you wanted to say Puneet?

me: Just now i was reading your blog on "Laya" and it looked like a continuance of our previous discussion.The topic on dynamic consciousness is beautiful...but i have to say here that it is extremely difficult for me to be in the moment.

Is there a technique which could be helpful even further...The inner fear, worries about self and knowns etc... strike and mind goes for a journey (many times repetitive)... yesterday i tried to say...come back, here did help but only momentarily..Usually the mind wanders.... 
Master Akshara: Do you want the mind to come stick to the present moment once and for all ? Or allow it to familiarize itself to the terrain of the moment and gradually settle itself in there?

me: Swami ji, I will try to explain the things in more detail...I  think I have started to understand the subtle difference in "self" and "mind". Sometimes my "self" or intention itself is weak, it enjoys the roaming of mind and does not want it to settle 
Master Akshara: Yes, when the steady SELF and the drifting MIND are identified with their clear differences in definition and function, then its easier to "settle down" ...

me: I am not sure if i do understand properly but i think i get the difference... i have lesser identification with mind now. but sometimes my self allows it a free rein, many a times on purpose...something to make identification with the self strengthened...maybe might help me progress
Master Akshara: You are still likely to believe that a technique is more powerful or helpful than AWARENESS.
But the technique is to be AWARE when the mind drifts - simple.
More and more awareness about
  - How the mind drifts
  - When it drifts

Then you would find the mind to settle down itself. If you wish to call it a technique, then its ok !But I would not put AWARENESS in to a technique category !

me: I will call it an understanding. Swmiji, I think in past when the mind drifts, I started to identify completely with it and that's when i lost the awareness...that is what I was calling as weak self.

Swamiji, is this non-identification with mind and being Aware of it's drifting a right understanding NOW. 
Master Akshara: Non - identification is not needed.You can identify BUT also be aware of its dynamism and your identification.If you don't identify with the mind then you may not be able to perform well in the world. Mind is the essential tool for you to function. Non-identification can cause self divide...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meditation and Mindfulness

me: Swami ji, what was the topic discussed by you in last session
Master Akshara: Meditation and Mindfulness

me: What is Mindfulness....infact i do not know Mind either
Master Akshara: When thoughts occur unconnected each other the mind appear in fragments. Thats a divided mind.

But when you discovered the thread that connects all the seemingly unconnected thoughts, then suddenly the mind is not more fragmented but is complete and full.... and that is Mindfullness.

me: It seems to me that the state of mindfullness would lead to a state of concentration without effort.... as connected thoughts would automatically work towards a direction..
Master Akshara: EXACTLY ! Well said. Its a focus without focus. Anything and everything is under focus..Mind may drift still but no more a "lost" mind but its a total mind with total freedom to drift and still STAY FOCUSSED.

me: From this discussion, I just remember a famous book which few recommended..."The Secret" which is loosely based upon 'law of attraction' means your thoughts attract your destiny...I could not finish the book as I could not connect it with my understanding....

But again there was this thing that many people pray and sometimes prayers seem to work, it could be thoughts focussed on i was confused about this concept as presented in "The Secret"
From what i have understoof from you on being and acting in present, the concept of thinking and focussing strongly on a future desire(As presented in the book) looked unconnected. Hence, this confusion
Master Akshara: The book perhaps is playing along with the delusions of human mind. To project, to expect, to wish, to dream, to want, to need, to demand, to fantasise, to imagine, something which does not belong to this moment but about a golden future. This would break the mind in bits and pieces.

Parts of mind wishing something other than WHAT IT IS NOW. The divide between who YOU ARE ACTUALLY NOW and WHO YOU WOULD WANT TO BE IN FUTURE TIMES causes the fragmentation of mind and such a mind is in deep trouble.

Only the SECRET is known as just plain HUMBUG.

me: I think now I understand why I felt such a difficulty in finishing off a small and costly book....But irrespective of the book, mind is usually acting fragmented with rare moments of focus which again is normally due to deadlines.... Infact, when kept busy in those deadlines...mind wantes free time and plans creative activities which do not get fulfilled when "free time" is available.....
Master Akshara: Because with deadlines around the mind learn the knack of regimenting recreation and work. It divides non stop for every single activity.

But when mind is not divided the play and work are not divided too. They happen always together as if you work in a holiday mood and even on a holiday you are inspired to work...

Then there are no concrete funfilled moments no particular occasions to remember and relish because the whole life is just that way - and you never point some moments out of them as special.

I can understand and appreciate the journey of 'mindfullness' . Is there any 'Secret' towards it...
Master Akshara: Minfullness is not a goal to reach. Not an objective idea, that you look for secrets to reach there. But its WHAT YOU ARE and the SECRET wishful mind has covered WHAT YOU ARE and has wrapped you with ideas about WHAT YOU SHOULD BECOME.

So if you let go those ideas about what you should become but just remain and BE as you are in the moment of this eternal NOW then its as if you "reached" but its NO jOURNEY its only shedding or renouncing some ideas that linger and eclipse the True NATURE OF YOUR SELF.

So, it's like being in the present moment automatically brings mindfullness.....something like when i am in intellect governs i understanding it right?
Master Akshara: When you are in the moment then the mind comes to direct alignment with the SELF as if they became one and same and not two entities...

Swami ji, i have understood it. The eclipse is clearing... Namaste!!
Master Akshara: Yes Puneet ! Go ahead....laters again..namaste !

Monday, December 14, 2009

Managing lifestyle Pains and Stress

me: Namaste Swami ji! I want to discuss a non-spiritual issue today. Many in my professional field face
the issue of pains related to work...and few have been contemplating a break to concentrate on health aspects....philosophically it does not look ideal to me as it should be more of lifestyle change everyday...
Master Akshara: 1. Spiritual Issues
   2. Issues seen from a spiritual standpoint
There is nothing which can be separated from spiritual sense

me: Agreed....but my hesitation in asking this is because i understand that a master should not be expected to provide answers for lifestyle issues of people...many people feel that only way out for longevity in this career is change in lifestyle...... That's why they contemplate a break to enforce change...
Master Akshara: BREAKS ARE USUALLY good for stressed mind, the physical realm may have a break from punching a key but will continue on something else..What is required is a simple change of focus.

If you talk about lifestyle with reference to punching keys and looking into monitor screen, then I think I am at it much longer than most software guys..just that im not paid for it..but then im quite fine

me: :-) Yes that is the lifestyle i am mentioning....which invariably brings in some nagging stuff in hands, shoulder, neck and back how do you manage to be fine physically...any particular nuance which we may adapt
Master Akshara:  :) I think I
1. Enjoy my work
2. Don't consider it a work
3. Have the right to reject work which I am not upto
4. Change the nature of work
5. Listen to music while I work
6. Take a walk every time I want
7. Understand the nature of my work well
8. Watch TV in between
9. Meet people a lot
10. Always its different never repetitive
11. Sometimes I can stretch my back

But i guess sitting has caused unseen damages on my body too, still I don't mind such damages and I am thankful to the body for serving me right. I have a lot of reverence to every part of my i don't tend to abuse it and not even "use" it but allow it to express itself..its totally natural..

me: It's great... i think the people in my industry have the liberty to adopt most of the points what you have mentioned.....reverence of body is something i think would be unique for us, we have never looked at body in that sense and probably that's why there is an abuse factor.

Still as you say...some of the affects of this kind of work on body will happen....
Master Akshara: Do not expect a prim and crisp body after this many years as there is a natural tear and wear even to the body..But if you accept it gracefully,then the stress of seeing your body deteriorating can be avoided..

If one does not expect and builds a particular lifestyle..any definite lifestyle will cause stress. Be it a body builder or even a fitness freak but if one just allows things to happen as they happen and makes sure what he does makes sense to him then its all play and no work

The stress happens when one does something which makes no sense to him..

me: That is a wonderful statement...being a part of this moment and doing only what makes sense...that's all ...
Master Akshara: Sure. Give it a conscious can transform itself suddenly..

me: ok Swami ji... i will take a leave from you now...Namaste!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Truth needs no special lifestyle

me: Dear Swami ji, from last few days I am confused about basic characteristics/lifestyle requirements for a seeker to receive truth..... I am trying to say that as truth conveyed by you is quite different from the way of world... when is a seeker ready to receive it and live it?
Master Akshara: That's a thoughtful question Puneet ! Truth needs no special lifestyle. To realize oneself in any manner, in form of lifestyle, is the easiest. But when we talk about a suitable lifestyle then we get into this trap again. A trap where you create conditions and then try to fulfill them too.

If you introduce a new lifestyle in order to realize the Truth, then the introduced lifestyle itself becomes an obstacle. Life gets "organized" itself upon knowing the Truth, but to organize the life in a particular way to know the truth can be misleading.

Only achievements are planned and achieved. But knowing one Self is no achievement and no planned lifestyle can do that.

When you plan a lifestyle it may improve your style of living but need not bring the awareness of SELF. If it is a particular lifestyle that made people in the past realize their true nature, then it could be so easy. On the contrary the masters from the past seem to have lived such varied lifestyles.

me: I understand that a lifestyle of a certain discipline or characteristics may not bring the understanding of truth but my question is that basic minimum requirements.... yoga talks about certain discipline, Shankara had listed few requirements, few religions like Jainism and Islam have rigid mathematical rules, Buddhism has its own basic requirements... When so many systems have enlisted that is why i am asking this question...
Master Akshara: It's a way of waking up a sleeping seeker. It's not the new lifestyle that brings awareness with it. But the change in the lifestyle does it.

When someone got used to a lifestyle for too long then there is a least possibility of "waking" up. It becomes very predictable and Truth slips through the predictability of a lifestyle.

So when there is a change introduced or brought or forced in, or even happened more naturally (life job transfer, get married etc) the possibility of awareness being triggered about one's strength and weakness is high.

So the religious masters told the followers to change their lifestyles in order to notice one self. It's about leaving a comfort zone and expose oneself to the trials and tribulations. The idea of pilgrimages also came about this way.

So what I understand is that more important than a specific lifestyle or certain discipline is to "not become" dependent on it or caught in it.
Master Akshara: Very well said. No lifestyle can bring about inner transformation. But certain changes in lifestyles can trigger awareness of the inner SELF.

I think if the understanding of what is SELF is clear, then the need for such lifestyles and other ideas will drop for ever. Perhaps next time when you come on line we will make it a point to discuss just the same (SELF).

But do not misunderstand that I advocate no change of lifestyles. In fact lifestyles keep changing all the time for most people. Life keeps changing but awareness happens when you stand apart from changes and observe them. So next time when meet we will get little more closer to this topic.

ok swami ji, Namaste !

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shiva represents change

me: Namaste Swami ji !!
Master Akshara: hara hara namah parvati pataye !
(The above words from master are Sanskrit prayer to Shiva).

me: I remember your explanation of Shiva as destroyer of anything negative inside
Master Akshara: Is it ? when was that?

me: I am speaking from (My remembrance of listening to) Mantra meditation (Audio CD in master's voice containing vedic mantras)...mahamritunjay mantra
Master Akshara: ohk ! I don't know if I used the word Negative.. But Shiva represent anything that is destroyed (read *change*)

me: yes...maybe these mentioned destroyer of negativity inside ... words could be different
Master Akshara: If bill gates changed his mind and shut down the charity foundation he runs even that is Shiva.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who Causes action - We humans or God

me: Namaste Swami ji!I read in your blog "God only make action happen, but does not originate action.". It's interesting...does it mean that an Individual initiates action... how does this statement complement "You are not the controller of your life but you can control such an idea"
Master Akshara: Namaste Puneet! I read in your blog "God only make action happen, but does not originate action. "

Are these exactly the words? Can you cut paste them exactly or check again?

 me: Words are exact...but the whole context could be different...
God cannot discriminate right from wrong. The discrimination faculty belong only to human mind. No doubt, even mind is just a manifestation of same God but these actions are never originated from God but only from human mind. God only make action happen, but does not originate action.(Copied and pasted)
Master Akshara: ohk
it means that action is backed by god
but the intent behind is human

me: But that would mean that Human's can have a independent do this and "You are not the controller of your life..." be both true
Master Akshara: If you wrap a red cloth around the mouth of a torch light it would burn in red color. Though the light burns from inside the torch (God's back up) still the red cloth decides the shade of the light (human intent).

All the different shades that can be wrapped around the torch light are the various intents but the light remains the same illuminating them all..

 me: So what i understand is that human beings provide different ways of expression or creative manifestation... but the source of it is same
Master Akshara: Precisely !

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Demystifying Prana - Reality and Myths

me: Namaste Swamiji!! I started reading this scientist Wilhelh Reich ..he developed systems to measure this energy which he called Orgone in 1930's...this looked very similar to what yoga talks of Pranic energy. Swami ji, i wanted to know about Pranic energy
Master Akshara: Tell me your understanding of it as of now
or even some experience somewhere
or having met someone
or heard anything

My understanding is very basic and i don't think i have any experience...all hearing is from people who teach yoga talking about it. As per my understanding about it, it is a energy prevailing in universe and humans gather it through breating, food etc..It should ideally flow freely in the body if there is some block or lack of balance, then it may cause physical problems in body maybe it is what we call vitality.

Scientifically if i think about it, it could be the dark energy which scientists are unable to measure in universe but are sure that it exists. Reiki, Chi etc.. talk of same energy but i do not have any observable experience neither i have seen much physical benefits of any yogic exercise or pranayama..though i must admit that i have not been very regular
Master Akshara: I understand that Puneet !

me: What surprises me somewhat is that why Science does not accept it when whole eastern systems are built around it
Master Akshara: It is never in the Vedas though or any older scriptures......though there is a mentioning of pranas a lot in Vedas.......but to make it a exclusive thing is by the new age healers..

me: So, Prana is not exclusive means it is in combination with something...i am not clear
Master Akshara: Prana is just the vital air sheath. It is one of the five elements

1. Space
2. Air (prana)
3. Fire (agni)
4. water (jala)
5. Earth (pritvi)

me: How is this vital air different from normal air we breathe..
Master Akshara: Nothing....just that it modifies itself in many ways when it enters the human body as 5 different modes
1. prana
2. apana
3. vyana
4. udana
5. samana
each one with unique function of its own..

me: So it depends on the way one breathes or some other physiological reason...also i have no idea of what each one represents. Can humans have any possible control over these different modes?
Master Akshara: The control freaks generally like to control everything :). Rather it should be balanced.....
- samana vayu helps digesting
- apana vayu helps ecacuating whats eaten
- udhana vayu can circulate blood
- prana in general sustains life..
these pranas should function in balance, then its called healthy living. If there is imbalance, then one end up in vomiting.

me: ok, thats why you mentioned that prana in exclusivity is not all that is important...the balance involves all the modes...You mentioned physical importance of these modes...Is there any other psychological relation of these
Master Akshara: Yes prana also is the glue that joins body and influences both body and mind. So when in anger your breathing gets shorter and hotter; then the Yoga Shastra says breath long when you feel anger, then the anger vanishes..

me: So, our emotions and passions probably disrupt normal breating and that may manifest as a physical condition due to imbalance
Master Akshara: Precisely..

me: So deep breathing and other kinds of Pranayama can balance the existing imbalances....
Master Akshara: Exactly

me: I understand that, i have other queries...can Prana be transferred from other ways apart from Air
Master Akshara: Then its not called as Prana but just some psychic effects

me: How are they different and are they real or just imaginations
Master Akshara: If you hear a bad news then it may cause head ache or see someone 'bad' then it may cause headache or discomfort in stomach these are called psychological effects.
The aches are real but the way it is acquired is NOT. So also the new age remedies bring goodness but they are just psychological..

me: I understand that and i think it pertains to remedies i usually hear like Reiki, Aura healing etc...So apart from Pranayama, what is the right way to balance and live in a way that imbalances do not occur
Master Akshara: A expanded understanding of life will sustain balance which is easier said than done..

me: And what is required to bring this expanded understanding..basically how do i know about the gaps and bridge them
Master Akshara: The gaps are largely between your present and your past and your future if they are bridged, then it all become one WHOLE then you are expanded in understanding..

me: Are ways like Tai chi helpful in bridging it
Master Akshara: Tai Chi helps harmonizing the body and mind due to the graceful movements of the body......and followed awareness on body with rhythmic breathing accompanies
but that's just balancing act..and nothing to do with some special air coming from Hong Kong harbor and enter into your body and bring all the goodies.....Its the New Age Merchants who promote such exclusive ideas about some special pranas (stored only in their custody) which are released at their behest and can heal this world etc..

me: I undestand that difference now.....also i understand that awareness can bring the extended understanding
Master Akshara: Bravo !!! Grosser the mind greater the choices of finding solutions and subtler the mind, then there is just ONE answer to everything.....and that's why subtler people go into if going into silence but the truth is there is nothing much to talk about......and Truth is ONE. We meet up later on again..

me: Namaste Swami ji!!
Master Akshara: Namaste Puneet !

How to play "The Game of life"

HowThe following extract is from an interesting discussion i had with the master on living a spiritual life while being a complete participant in materialistic world

Master Akshara: One should play the game well and when winning and losing don't matter in that, then one emerges as a winner..

me: so what do we mean by playing it well
Master Akshara: playing it well is simply not getting lost or trapped or hurt or offended or overjoyed oneself..but to remain steady and untouched throughout and till the end..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What constitutes a spiritual path

me: My idea is to first know if a path is really needed? As there have been statements like the truth is a pathless path. That makes the whole thing confusing.
Master Akshara: Not really confusing ! Because, to arrive to this understanding of Pathless Path you need a path its more of a paradigm shift in understanding which can be grossly described as 'Path".

From the original thought you had earlier on that spiritual goal is achieved through many paths, then you come to the present understanding that coming is the path actually !

Still I may not agree that you have really come to the pathless land. Because you are 'confused' as you mentioned. Which means you are somewhere on the 'path' still !

me: I do not believe that i have come on the pathless land and that is why i am dwelling a bit on whatever looks like a different path
Master Akshara: That dwelling on various ideas from time to time is the path and the journey too

me: but i have this feeling that a serious deep dive into one may be required. And i think different paths are for different kind of individuals and a specific path may work best for one. How can one figure it out
Master Akshara: First of all do not read the pathless path theory now. Stick to your venture of figuring out the right path. Because the Pathless Path is known only after reaching the destination. Till then the paths DO EXIST.

And there is no exclusive paths for each individual but paths merge and emerge. Its like when you step out of your home you may walk through a small lane which will connect to a main road, then the main road leads to highway and free way. You would be sometimes taking a bus or train and flight..

me: I get that. The only difference is that in the case of travel, the destination is it is unknown. So i can not know what i am choosing is taking me anywhere or not
Master Akshara: There are more differences than what you mentioned here. The destination is 'unknown' only because it is to be achieved in some future point of time.

me: And the path is sort of map to that destination.
Master Akshara: Its both like a map and the actually time and space taken for reaching the goal. The path and journey are inseparable. Never you can travel separately away from the path. Because whatever life has brought you to is the path.

me: Even if the journey is in seemingly diferent directions
Master Akshara: Yes. The conflict in the twisting and turning is in itself the path. Not a pleasant free way but perhaps a choked up gally in Chandni Chowk you can say..still its a path.

me: Swami ji, i understand this and that has been my state till now, personally how do i go to a highway now from this choked gully.
Master Akshara: Going to highway is a sign of more clarity which has happened to you. That is when the confusion about paths and the need to select a path and trying to understand the destination etc. causes the mind to choke and as a result one is stuck up and feel not so much progressed.

me: Agreed swami ji, there is more clarity through the discussions and the quality of life is different due to it... now it is like what next
Master Akshara: What next is exactly the question that creates the 'path'. From here to what next which means...
1. Where do I go from here?
2. How do I go ?
3. How long does it take ?
4. Where will reach?
5. How far is it from here?

me: Swami ji, i am only concerned about "How do i go"
Master Akshara: This thought of going somewhere causes the creation of path.

me: So are you implying that i am already on this "path"
Master Akshara: Whatever you have lived till this moment is the path and whatever you are likely to experience further is the path. It is not separable from you, or from your life.

On your path, at this juncture you are chatting up with me. but you think you are yet to select a path.

Everybody is already on the path. They all have come some distance in their lives. Not necessarily in terms of money only as an ordinary mind would mistake.. but its about intellectual growth and emotional maturity and even physical growth, your psychological understandings too have gone through changes. These changes constitute the path

me: I think i am understanding it, whatever be that is very tightly engrained with life itself...not something seperate to be followed as a routine for few moments of time.
Master Akshara: Exactly ! Very well said. So what happens is that you dont scramble to find a path anymore.......and dont even bother to choose between paths (the right and suitable path)........and perhaps you don't bother how to reach the goal too !

me: I think i understand it now, it is not about a specific name of could be anything, a mix or is about what growth it is bringing as you mentioned above
Master Akshara: When you have clearly understood that you are on the path from the moment you were born.....and you have always been traveling and journeying......but just that you were NOT aware and at some juncture you meet up some one who points out this truth about path......and upon being aware of it like how you become aware of it now, then that very moment most of the conflicting and confusing thoughts which have been haunting you drops off.

As a result of that you suddenly find yourself airlifted from the Chandni Chowk to a free way and you would be journeying more spontaneously and without much struggle or effort and thats the sign that you have come much closer to the goal.

me: The understanding looks quite simple and yet profound

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do we control our Life?

me: The place we left last time was tough for me to understand, also when you talked about the "decisions happening in present" !!
Master Akshara: Yes ! The so called 'decisions' happen only on the spot. But certainly the universe is not moving in a 'decisive' manner. It is spontaneous and momentary, always new and eternally now.

me: Meaning the future is not at all prepared by anyone and it is kind of painting happening ?
Master Akshara: Yes. Its a ongoing process just like a painting. 'Its always a completed painting but still in the process'. This painting has no start or end.

me: So the question arises, if as an individual i am just ignorant that i am taking a decision in present, then what takes it. The issue for me here is that i like it that the future is not pre decided and i do not like it that i am not the ultimate controller of my decisions in present
Master Akshara: 'You' are not the controller of your life but you can possibly control such a belief that you can control your life.

Nobody controls anything for that matter but it appears to be that way.

me: so are we going towards a collective consciousness ?
Master Akshara: Consciousness is always ONE and perhaps 'collective', it is never divided but for our convenience we always divided it and then try to call it as the collective consciousness by putting all non existing pieces together.

me: ok, i understand. The consciousness is the painter?
Master Akshara: Yes the painter and the painted too and even the canvas and all the colors too
all of them as ONE.

me: So, the next question becomes tough. If there is no individual divided consciousness, then why this individual looking life at all?
Master Akshara: The individual driven life is apparent and a very important aspect of the creation and it is not substantiated with any truth but only a mirage like.

me: The energy force in the humans is this consciousness or something else?
Master Akshara: The energy moves and hence it is an expression of the consciousness and consciousness supports not only life BUT ALSO DEATH.

me: inorganic matter too?
Master Akshara: EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESS. Including the organic and inorganic.

me: So it is like back to square one for me. Now consciousness is everything, how is this painting unfolding...something i am missing there ??
Master Akshara: Unfolding is like a process. Every moment of it alone is real but there is never a sense of beginning and 'end to this painting any moment is a complete painting already'.

me: so in that terms nothing to achieve for consciousness ?
Master Akshara: Exactly ! Achieve from and for what ?

me: Swami ji, it looks unbelievable today that my individuality does not exist !
Master Akshara: It never existed. But I'm sure the picture is yet to be complete for you. I mean there is just little more distance to go towards the right understanding.

me: of course it is not complete for me...the question is how to reach the truth..not intellectually but really !!!!
Master Akshara: There is nothing wrong with the individuality or the ego. The ego is false only when it does not know its root and try to imagine itself to be independent
of the root called Consciousness or Atman.

When ego(ahamkar) is ignorant of consciousness(atman) then it is a false. But the Truth is when your individuality realized that it does not and cannot function by itself, but only with the back up of the hidden and unknown self.

That realization does not destroy the ego but only modifies your ego little bit which appears like losing the -original- ego and taken some new shape now which is only a addition to ego now unlike before. Earlier on it was only EGO

-> then the search begins by the ego about some Consciousness
-> then EGO is busy trying to remove itself in order to find the CONSCIOUSNESS
-> then it also imagines that it has lost the ego totally and found the consciousness fully (many people believe this way and claim themselves to be enlightened and even teach others the same)

But true realization happens when you (EGO) know that you are not alone but there is some driving force that sustains your life and gives shape to this creation as a whole then without losing the ego or your individuality you simple connect to the underlying force or the Being called Consciousness.

Then what happens is
ego + consciousness = awakened you

Ego awakens to the hidden consciousness. In order to awake there has to be a sleeping individual and that individuality is you, then you wake up to the fact
there is something more to you than just what you know now......which means not that you lose what you are now or what you have now but only add the new found thing to you......which as if change the way you presented yourself till then.

So there is never a loss of individuality in the true spiritual awakening.

me: I understand it Swami ji, Now my question is that is consciousness growing...i mean scientifically it is said that universe is expanding and does few people becoming enlightened contribute to it in any ways?
Master Akshara: The expanding of the Universe in a spiritual sense is not like the astronomical expanding. Spiritually speaking, the expansion can be called as 'growth' just the way you grew up these many years, which can also be said as expanded from point A to B.

So It is not spatial or even astronomical but the expansion is more of psychological.

me: so in that way could this growth be called as goal of consciousness ?
Master Akshara: Goal ?

me: lets say consciousness wanting the whole painting and canvas and colors to be aware and thus in a way we can say Goal ?
Master Akshara: Never. Consciousness has no goal or even a path to reach that goal. It does not have an agenda.

me: my question arose as it is said that humans only have this ability to perhaps understand it and still most die without understanding, why this process then ?
Master Akshara: What perhaps is missing in your understanding presently is that the consciousness does not only belong to the 'awakened' ones but also to the ignorant ones too.

In fact Consciousness is both the awakening and the slumbering too. The goal is always the goal and is never to be attained in some distant future. Its always in the attained state.

me: So too consciousness? It does not matter how many get awakened. It is available for both, the difference is in understanding....Swami ji how to bridge the difference. You mentioned the process briefly above when talking of Ego
Master Akshara: From the ego point of view it is a process and from consciousness point of view it just IS simply, there is no process for the consciousness.

Swami ji.. i think i understand this Swami ji, can we discuss on the process for the Ego in next chat ?
Master Akshara: Sure Puneet ! we will 'proceed' on the 'path'

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What you seek is exactly what IT IS NOW

me: Can enlightenment come without ever seeking it ?
Master Akshara: Basically you should know what is enlightenment first before talking about when it would come.

Unless you have an idea how do you know whats coming ? Or can you tell whats coming is enlightenment ?

me: I do not even use the word "Enlightenment" for the same reason as the word would normally confine to a meaning, which in this case is not true.

swami ji, in other sense i can say that the end of all seeking is enlightenment or attainment of truth
Master Akshara: True

me: but there is a definite quality to this end...kindly specify more on it ?
Master Akshara: When you know what you seek is exactly what IT IS NOW then the search end now or any moment in the NOW then

me: It is said that this end may not be always pleasant, the truth could be horrifying or is it possible that a seeker may not be able to handle it properly?
Master Akshara: On the contrary this end is the most pleasant one its a great relief and perhaps you would breath really free for the first time.

You would see life as it is for the first time You would speak, touch hear as if for the first time.

me: so any of such beliefs which may bar seeker from IT are really unfounded and maybe coming from past impressions ?
Master Akshara: Yes from the past impressions which make you imagine about future in a particular way, thus drifting you away from the 'goal' of the here now.

me: Also it is said that we should not really seek IT as a 'Goal'. There is very genuine question that why would one then one really go for IT ?
Master Akshara: When you stopped going for IT(Enlightenment) you enter BEING then the being 'becomes' the goal

me: So it becomes a living experience is what i understand !
Master Akshara: Yes. Every moment, moment by moment.

me: Could it be that some people experience IT in moments and it does not become their being, could it be the start of search into spirituality for some ?
Master Akshara: The starting always happens for almost all in the future as a 'future' reality as a distant goal to somehow reach or attain.

me: So is it inbuilt in kind of DNA of humans to reach this 'Goal' or to a few this seeking happens ?
Master Akshara: The DNA must be playing a truant here too, but the DNA of the seeker who would 'attain' does not decide anything by itself, because the DNA itself was built by something else to behave that way.

me: That is amazing direction then, though i used DNA in a generic way, it usually describes the directions in which a body will go in terms of height, health etc and it is predecided as you mentioned...but what i get from here is that is the future direction of life of a human is also pre decided ?
Master Akshara: Pre decided can be a precarious term because when we say 'Pre' then as assume there was a past which decides the future.

But the past is NOT having existence (it is only a memory) and whatever happens is not based on a decision made by something or someone, but it happens and at the time of its happening, the 'decision' also happens, like some kind of on the spot decision.

me: At the time of this happening, probability theory would provide alternates in decision making, so the question is that are these alternates available to a normal unenlightened person?
Master Akshara: To the 'unenlightened', the probabilities always exist. He thrives on them in fact. He does not realize that it is a illusion. He wants to believe that there are many options and ways and paths and he thinks he can choose and follow a path decisively as per his plan.

But his true enlightenment happens only when he wakes up from such a assumed notion or a plain illusory thinking.

me: My understanding was that past karmas or impressions take a person to a particular decision and as an enlightened person is free of karmas, he can take decisions completely in present. But from your answer it looks different. ?
Master Akshara: The 'enlightened' is not some special creature endowed with special power as if he conquered the matrix and exited the time space dimensions. But a simple being waking up from the 'beliefs' and 'notions' about a life trapped in time and space.

He would continue to still live under the influence of time and space
but deep within he had already gotten over with both time and space. As a result he seems to have the freedom to live life without any doubts and fears and the seemingly inevitable 'urge' to reach somewhere.

About this Blog

According to Swami Akshara, the ultimate truth(or enlightenment or god attainment or what i call as IT) is अनिर्वचानीयम, a Sanskrit word which literally means 'beyond description'. Different masters from past thousands of years have tried to explain IT and the possible processes of attaining IT in their own words. Those words have been said in a particular language and in a particular context and time period.

It becomes extremely difficult for a seeker to understand the subtle meaning of those words in current context and the past masters are not around for clarification of doubts. 'Edward De Bono' makes it clear with an example about Eskimo's who have developed 12 different words for subtle differences between different types of Snow. Now if an Eskimo's writing on snow is to be translated into English, all 12 words would be translated as snow or ice and their original meaning would be lost to people reading that.

And the process of understanding IT is much more subtle. We can not read a printed text or listen to a speech and expect to know all about it. There will be many questions whose answers can be obtained only from a living master. And as with any discussion into the unknown, the seeker can not prepare a standard set of questions.

I have got an opportunity to interact with Living Master Swami Akshara over a chat and this blog will contain my questions and its answers from the master in its true form. This discussion has already started and will continue into the future and as of today, i have no idea about what form and shape it will take. I am simply taking a deep dive into the unknown.